Works of Art

A local artist gallery. East side of the public square in Humboldt, Kansas.

Dirk Sorenson

Creating ceramic work allows me to explore the elements: earth, fire, air, & water. When I throw a pot on the wheel I enter a relationship with the clay, & working together we bring about a form. The wheel thrown piece is only the beginning however; through the manipulation of the clay with tools brings about new life to the pottery. I will never make anything that is 100% my vision because the clay has a personality of its own that cannot help but present itself. The unpredictability of the Raku process breaths even more life into my artwork that, although I set the work in motion, it is ultimately the clay, water, fire, oxygen, and smoke that dictates the final piece. I do not name my projects because I do not want to imply my worldview upon the work but rather let the voice of the object speak for itself.

Dirk Sorenson grew up & resides in Yates Center, Kansas. He primarily works in ceramics and has an affinity for the Raku process. Sorenson developed his affection for ceramics in high school, having taught himself how to throw on the potter's wheel. As his skills developed, so did his passion. He won several awards through his high-school years, from Tri-Valley League Champion two consecutive years to scholastic art and writing awards in Washington D.C. & NYC as well as and American Vision Award. Sorenson attended Allen County Community College, Emporia State University, & Pittsburg State University.

Works of Art currently has 9 of Sorenson's original pieces on display. Each is available for purchase in our gallery.